Special Slipform (Slipform for Hydroelectric Plants)

The special slipform   as applied in the implementation of the majority of reinforced concrete structures where the amount of framework or pressure do not allow using the standard slipform. Its main characteristic agility, endurance, elimination of joints and perfect finish. His greatest use occurs in UHE (Hydroelectric Power Plants), mounted with the same block geometry to be concreted and suspended by hydraulics under tabs, and allows using this system in vertical, horizontal and in parable. The TECBARRAGEM manufacturers and supply the special slipform for concrete developed by a team of designers and engineers with extensive experience in this industry also possess the specialized technical personnel to perform different types of work

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Standard Slipform (Slipform of Internal Bars)

The standard slipform applied in the execution of reinforced concrete structures where the concrete pressure it is smaller and the amount of steel used in armor allows the mounting of the measure, that the structure if raised and its main characteristics are flexibility, resilience, elimination of joints construction and perfect finishing. His greatest use occurs for constructions of Silos, Chimneys, Pillars and other different structures, assembled according to the geometry of the block to be concreted and suspended by hydraulic system and bars that working with compression, this allows  vertical sliding that keep the constant geometry of the structure,  even in case of geometry closures. TECBARRAGEM supplying the slipform and technical staff with extensive experience in this sector.

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