Located in São Paulo city, it has administrative and commercial structure, plus a deposit with complete infrastructure for worldwide distribution. The performance of TECBARRAGEM occurs in many countries such as Scotland, South Africa, Angola, Iran, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and throughout South America. Through logistics and know-how, the professional technical team of TECBARRAGEM offers expert support in planning and works in construction with application of slipform work for: spillways, reservoirs, concrete face rockfill for dams (CFRD), concrete dams, towers, silos, columns and other concrete constructions.

Since 2000 the TECBARRAGEM is among the first 5 molds companies in Brazil and it is the only in the art of sliding formwork to enter the ranking of the 500 Largest in the Journal of Construction, Pini publisher.

With over 40 years of experience in the market, TECBARRAGEM accompanied the growth of the sector, positioning itself among the best and most well-known service providers companies in sliding formwork Brazil.

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